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Punk Guitar Tips, Tricks, Info

for the discriminating punk rock guitarist

Punk guitarists trading tips and tricks
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A community for punk / hardcore / thrash / crustcore guitarists to trade tips, info, tablature, etc. In short, all kinds of shit about playing punk rock guitar.

Post recommendations on equipment, tips on good rig set ups, where to get good deals, what kind of equipment you prefer and why, the set ups of bands you like, etc., etc.

WARNING: This is not a community for pop punk type stuff like Sum 41, New Found Glory, Blink 182, etc. It isn't for what is now called "emo," or for indie rock/pop guitarists [with very few exceptions]. There are enough forums for you guys on LJ--please go to them and leave us alone. original emo like Rites of Spring and Embrace are okay--but this isn't a community about how to play Interpol or The Used riffs, fuckers.